Don’t Miss ComiCONN 2014

ComiConn Returns!!

 Every year it grows. Bigger and better than the year before it. It’s grown so large they now need an ARENA to contain it! From it’s humble beginnings ComiCONN has become a monster. It is now to the point where it has to be held in the biggest venue in the area! And instead of just 1 day, ComiCONN is now 3 days! And look at the Guest list! It rivals any Comic Book Convention out there and is chock full of Comic Book Heavy Hitters! Truly well done.

Everyone at Alt3red Egos would like to congratulate Mitch Hallock from the Alternate Universe Comic Book Shop for the perseverance and love of comics he obviously has throughout his soul. It’s truly an inspiration. If you’re a comic fan, or just looking for someplace fun that won’t break the bank, the Webster Arena in Bridgeport CT is where you should be this weekend.

Buy your tickets at the gate.

I will be sharing the pictures from the Con(n) throughout the weekend at our Facebook Page. Look for them there.

Geez! At this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he booked the Mohegan Sun Casino for next years event! 









“The New 52” Pickup

By: Steve Zinoda (Noob)


(Exactly what is happening, and how we still don’t see it.) 

I’m going to show you how “In A Single Bound”, DC Comics became the Biggest Marketshare Holder in the entire Comic Book Industry. They would sit on the comic book throne for the next 24 months, proving they weren’t on top by accident.

Then, just as quickly, DC gave it all away again. Ending up in an even worse place than they originally began. I’m going to tell you how.

“The New 52”. DC was restarting! I had heard about and read about it. We even did a show about it. So after I actually had read the first month’s books, I had my opinions on all of them. Critically, I had a good feeling about it. Personally, I still wondered what caused DC to make this particular move at this particular time. I also wondered if it would turn out to be successful. So I waited until all of the first month numbers were in for DC’s “New 52”, and then I took a look. To say I was “Shocked at it’s success” would be an understatement. It was the sheer size of the gains that surprised me. Of the “Top 100” selling titles, DC had nearly doubled the books it sold! I spent many of my professional years in the corporate world. If any promotion, by itself, that resulted in 20%, Heck, even 15% gains would be considered a huge success. But double?!? My curiosity was piqued now not only by the comic fan in me, but my experience in the corporate world had me wondering as well.
Why did they make this move? Why now?

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