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Some podcasts will focus on a specific topic or company and exclude all others. Others will run the gambit and be sort of a jack of all trades, master of none. Those are great formats. There are several podcasts we love that fall into either of those two categories. The one thing that all comic book podcasts have in come is they are for comic book fans. But who else would they be for?It is easy for fanboys to geek out over certain titles or team-ups. It is more difficult for comic new comers, or the newbs, to get excited about certain things we as hardcore fans take for granted. Perhaps the biggest tradgedy is when fanboys make new or casual fans feel unwelcome or inferior because they don’t know the history behind certain characters or titles. Alt3red Egos tries to make comics accessible to new and casual fans by making our podcasts one part history and one part geek.

If you don’t know about the comic, but you saw the movie. If you read the title years ago and are just starting to get back into it again. If your kids are fans and you want to check up on what they are reading. If your parents are fans and you want to learn more about where your college tuition is being spent. These are the reasons why Alt3red Egos exists.

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Xpistos “X” Ekimogloy  *   x@alt3redegos.com
Site Administrator | Owner | Review Manager | Webmaster | Podcaster 

X got his start with comics in 1992 with Superman (1987) #75, the death of Superman. He wasn’t a comic fan at the time, but thought it would be an important part of popular history and a nice item to own. This was the beginning of his addiction, but don’t worry his girlfriend at the time (now his wife) is totally responsible for getting him hooked and she knows it. As both a fan and a journalist, X has been talking comics on the radio, in magazines, newspapers and in person to anyone who would listen ever since.

X has been following comics on and off for almost 20 years, but considers himself more of a comics newbie rather than an expert. Reading primarily DC and Marvel comics, there are plenty of other new comics X discovers every week. It is because of this he feels he makes an excellent intermediary between casual fans and hardcore geeks. Most hobbiests save their excitement for the next big thing, while X reveals in the joys of discovering that old standard most fanboys currently take for granted.

The idea behind Alt3red Egos was organic and arose from a desire to survive in a non-comics world. The only way to talk to casual fans abouts comics was to approach every issue a someone’s first and use it as a foundation. Hollywood understood this when they began optioning comic properties to make movies. If John Q. Public had a show that was looking out for him and his frame of reference, then he might walk in to that comic store to check it out. Thus, Alt3red Egos was born. Plus if X’s wife has to listen to his diatribes on Aquaman or the Flash one more time, she is going to kill him.

Glenn “The Cuban” Diaz  *   gdiaz2814@@alt3redegos.com
Shotcast! Host | Correspondence Director | News | Podcaster
 Glenn was born a cute, Cuban baby. Fast forward about 10 years and his Aunt gets him hooked on comics with: Prince Namor, The Savage Sub Mariner #62, the introduction of his awesome black costume and Green Lantern (1960) #172 (both of which he still owns). He would pick up the random comics here and there over the next two years, until he discovers a magical and wonderful place: a Comic Book Shop! A place where comics could be found on a regular schedule, not wrinkled or ripped. Where others of his kind gathered to talk about all things comics! Twenty Six years later, he is still grateful for those comics his Aunt gave him and the wonderful worlds they revealed to him.
Glenn has collected comics nonstop almost 30 years. He has always felt that comics has been a HUGE factor is his love of reading. He will pretty much read whatever he can get his hands on. Give him a minute to tell you about the latest comic he’s reading and he’ll talk to you until you start collecting your Social Security check. And then some. As someone who has enjoyed all the stories and art comics have brought to him week after week, Glenn feels everyone should give comics a try. There are plenty of different types of comics out there, that you can easily find something that will float your boat. Glenn is a big fan of DC and Marvel, but loves to see what is out there to discover and enjoy.
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