We are not gone

Hey guys!

If you were wondering where the shows are, don’t worry they are going to come back soon! As you might have noticed, we got a nasty virus that did us in for quite a while. Thanks to Host Gator for helping me to realize they are only concerned about making money so if you get a virus from a shared hosting account that is just more money in their pocket to fix it!

I have switched providers and will never have another thing to say about those money grubbing hosting goons. My mom taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Well, maybe I didn’t hear all the message. Anyway. I got that mess cleaned up and am working on getting the site back up and running soon. Thanks for the patience!!


You will be seeing some staffing changes soon as well. I will just refer back to the my statement early about not saying anything at all. Some of use will be back and others of us will not!

Talk at you soon!