X Reviews … X-Men #25

Since every comic is someone’s first, the books have to be able to stand on their own. X Reviews one new issue each week based on their own merit (and yes, “review” can mean spoilers!) A good story is a good story, no matter how long or short the run. This is where we draw the line for…

X-Men #25

story by Victor Gischler
art by Jorge Molina
colors by Guru EFX
letters by VC's Joe Caramagna
cover by Jorge Molina
published by Marvel Comics

There is a saying that goes, “you can never go home again.” I guess on some levels that is true. When you grow up, you no longer see the world through a child’s eyes. When you move out of your parents’ house, you are on your own and supporting yourself. Philosphical Rhetoric, etc.

What I found out this week is there are some instances where you can go home again. Case in point, I started reading comics when I was in college. When I graduated, I had to leave the comics behind because I had a wife and kids to support. Years later however, I went back to comics when my life became more stable. As a micro example, I used to read the X-Men titles. Until, Februaray 24, 2012 I was no longer doing so … until I came home!

X-Men #25 showed me I could start reading about mutants in the Marvel Universe once again. Not only could I read about them, I could enjoy them too. I preface this review saying I have no idea what has really been happying in the X-Books in quite a while, except through word of mouth. Yes I knew about the Cyclops/Wolverine split, but no I didn’t know any of the details. For the most part this is a great example of why I started doing X Reviews… in the first place.

The issue opens with Storm and her team of X-Men searching for Jubilee. I loved jubilee in Uncanny X-Men back in the 1990’s as well as the X-Men: TAS. What I did not know was Jubilee had become a vampire?!? Now that was unexpected, for me anyway.

Storm. Domino, Psylocke, Warpath and Colossus are all looking for vampire dens around the world in order to find and save Jubilee by continuing to give her the transfusions of Wolverine’s blood that will help ease her Vampirism. Wait, Warpath? Psylocke, They’re dead! Colussus? That looks more like Juggernaut than Peter Rasputin. In any case, there have appearantly been some changes.

Finally Storm et all have tracked down Jubilee to an abandon missle outpost in China. Under the guidance of a vampire named Raizo Kodo, Jubilee has been learning to control her hunger. Storm did not know anything about this and when her X-Men came in contact with Raizo Kodo and his group called the Forgiven, they fought. Oh course they fought, what else would they do?

Jubilee does eventually step in and explain her reasons for leaving without telling her team she was going. After everyone sings Kumbaya , Colussus arrives at the base with two keystone cop level assassins who explain every merceny around is looking to collect on an open contract on Kodo.

Writer Victor Grischler’s story is very light hearted, while also conveying the sense of urgency to find Jubilee. All the fight scenes between the vampires and the Storm’s X-Men are filled with whitty banter while still expressing how grave the situtaion is. Yes, the pun was inteded!

The cover art by Jorge Molina, although extremely well done, was confusing as to the actual story inside. It suggests that Storm will kill Jubliee, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. The story art, also by Molina, was well executed, but there is one panel that negatively effected the art as whole for me. As Storm ponders the introductory fight scene, her neck appears to be no more than 6 inches around. It is only one panel, but it was enough to be a roadblock to throughout the issue.

A strong story by Grischler as well as solid art helped catapult this and perhaps some additional X-Men titles back into my weekly pull list. Despite a few “errors in judgement” on the part of Molina, the pencils is exactly the kind of look and feel I want in an X-Title. X-Men #25 get a solid B and a nod to look forward to what is to come in issue #26.

X-Men #25 has a cover price of $3.99. For more information on this or other great Marvel Comics visit their website at www.marvel.com.

Now I just need to figure out who is on what team, who is alive, who is dead and … oh man … getting caught up with these X-Titles again is going to be the death of me. Yes, I meant that one too!

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